Ministry of Littlehampton, 2011

What does Littlehampton sound like?
‘the sound of tiny stones being washed clean by the sea’

Inspired by the Mass Observation movement and the resurgence in seaside tourism, Ministry of Littlehampton took over an empty shop to crowdsource an alternative tourist guide to Littlehampton.

Eleven local primary schools were  brought together by The Littlehampton Academy and the Empty Shops Network. Hundreds of children and their parents responded to a series of questions like:

  • What’s your favourite building in Littlehampton or Arundel?
  • What does Littlehampton sound like?
  • What’s your favourite place in Littlehampton?
  • What does Littlehampton taste like?
  • What’s Rustington’s or Littlehampton’s best-kept secret?
  • If Littlehampton was a colour – what colour would it be?
  • What’s the best thing to do at the weekend in Arun?
  • Can you describe Littlehampton in five words?
  • Why should somebody visit the Arun district?
  • What’s missing from Arun?

The results were carefully data-mined to inspire a series of distinct artworks and installations,  created with students from the schools in workshops held in one of Littlehampton’s empty shops. The resulting work and all the responses received were used to create a Tumblr website – and will also be on show on Saturday 9th July at the Ministry of Littlehampton, Beach Road, Littlehampton.

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