Playspace Leeds

Leeds has ambitious plans to become a child friendly city.

Playful Leeds have organised a practical afternoon, to collectively explore the possibilities of making temporary and permanent creative spaces for children and their families in the city centre, as part of child friendly Leeds. The event brings together a mix of skills, ideas, networks, openness and enthusiasm.

Speakers include:

Simon Spain – Director of the highly succesful Artist Led Children and Families Arts Centre Art Play, Melbourne, Australia

Dan Thompson – Artist, Author of Pop Business for Dummies & Pop Up People, instigator of #riotcleanup, & now working on self organising initiative #wewillgather

Gerald Jennings, Portfolio Director, Land Securities will share his insight into how placing play and family friendly design at the heart of the Leeds retail experience can create a strong commercial proposition for the city.

You can book a place at Playspace Leeds here


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