Retail Ready People’s Enfield pop up opens

Over 150 visitors popped in to Enfield’s only pop up shop, Cosy Cove, after it was opened by Nick de Bois, MP for Enfield North on Saturday. He was joined by Mark Rudling, Enfield Town Centre Manager in praising the young people behind the project.

The party-like atmosphere was the result of Retail Ready People, a 12-week skills development and volunteering programme which gives young people 16 – 25 years old the chance to set up and run shops in empty units in their town.

A space has been created where locals can celebrate the Enfield community, helping to repair some of the damage done to the area’s reputation following last year’s riots. Shoppers can pick up T-shirts, hoodies, homeware, natural skincare products and other handmade products made by local people. Visitors on the launch day were plied with artisan cakes and other goodies, and a face painter decorated the faces of children – and a few of the shop’s volunteers.

The Cosy Cove team have taken over a ‘core and shell’ unit on a new development, which meant it had no electricity, toilet or decoration. They have overseen the installation of everything needed to make the building habitable. A kit designed and created for the Retail Ready People project enabled the team to fit out their shop with walls, racks, display stands and a counter in just one day.

“I’m super, super proud of the Enfield team at Cosy Cove. The launch all went brilliantly and I’m happy and excited for the following weeks,” volunteerEllen Louise Patmore said, “Thanks so much for the amazing journey that Retail Trust and vInspired have massively supported us on, and to all who are showing up to support to local community.”

The Cosy Cove pop up shop is at 16 Burleigh Way, and will be open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am until 5pm through November. Visit the shop or follow Cosy Cove on Twitter for news of special evening events, when the creative hub will come alive with workshops.

Retail Ready People is visiting ten locations across England over the next two years, and the towns for round two will be announced shortly.

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