Guest blog; The Gaggle Cave

gaggle-THE ONEI founded and direct Gaggle, a weird, all female alternative choir. We’ve won awards, had critical acclaim and provoked some really strong reactions. Ever since we started we’ve been asked by journalists what’s next and I always replied “Well Gaggle can do anything we want, we can be a shop, a newspaper or a political party if we want.” So, on the 30th May we launch the first of those possibilities! The Gaggle Cave a temporary shop, gallery and summer school next to the legendary Royal Albert Pub New Cross, South London.

Curator Holly Simpson is the one responsible for making the space habitable. Taking on the shell of an Edwardian shop which had been chop shopped into a night club entrance at some point in the late C20th, she has been fundraising and grafting to make the space into her new non profit project space Insitu.

Gaggle will be the first residency. For 3 weeks we selling inspirational products we love including homeware, books and comics. We have a fashion collection by international designer Angela Maria Platt and three Visual Artists in Residence; Dilraj Mann, Rebecca Strickson & Takayo Akiyami. Then we have organised a program of life changing workshops with iconic leaders in their fields. Scottee Scottee on body positivity, Queen of crafts Jazz Domino on Pussy Patchwork, Sound Engineering for Girls and Feminism for Boys.

Lasting just over 3 weeks we hope to readdress imbalances in skills, inspire people with ideas and products they can take away with them and empower people by getting them together. We’d love to invite everyone to our launch on Thurs 30th May, 6.30pm Private View followed by performances at 7.30pm and DJing from Thumpers and Club Mofo until late.

All links and info can be found here

Deborah Coughlin is the founder of Gaggle, and an artist, producer, writer, director and performer as well. The Gaggle Cave is at 460 New Cross Rd  London, SE14 6TJ from 30th May-21st June 2013.

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