The High Street is not dead

“The high street is not dead, it is just changing.  I’m pretty sure we will see the death of even more large companies that dominate the high street in the near future.  But I’m also pretty sure that this will spur on local cooperatives and small in(ter)dependent traders, ready for a risk, to start occupying these spaces again. You never know, towns and cities might, at this point begin the process of re-establishing or newly creating their individual identities again.

There is a lot of scaremongering and lamenting the death of the high street at the moment.  But to me it seems that we’ve got a little bit caught up in the lazy thinking that has taken certain factions of the music industry by storm over the past ten years. It’s based on blame and a fear of making proactive, creative changes to the status quo.  We’ve decided that the internet is bringing about the slow inevitable death of physical shopping.

But I don’t believe this is true. It’s about what people need and want. And this starts with one huge need…”

That’s taken from an inspiring blog about why we need to think beyond the ‘high street is dead’, from Andy Mort, a UK based musician and writer. Read the full blog on Sheep Dressed Like Wolves.


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