Kollektiv’s second Brighton gallery planned

Following the success of Kollektiv Gallery’s pop-up exhibition in a former Kemp Town butcher’s shop last month, the award-winning collective is appealing for emerging artists to submit their work.

The pop up exhibition, scheduled for May 2014, revolves around the difficulty faced by artists to maintain creativity in our current cultural climate. This includes artists’ responses to the political crisis facing the art industry, including the lack of funding.

In particular, Kollektiv is looking for playful yet dark responses in any of the following media: illustration, photography, ceramics, printmaking and collage.

This opportunity is open to University of Brighton students and recent graduates, who can apply to submit work via their website.

Kollektiv Gallery’s first pop-up, which ran for six weeks, was a huge success and showcased 21 emerging local artists. It also held free workshops for the public and rejuvenated an empty high street shop at the same time. There were over 3000 visitors to the gallery.

Sophie Giblin, Kollektiv’s Director, was nominated by local MP Caroline Lucas for Vinspired’s Most Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Sophie won the regional award and is waiting to hear if she will become a national finalist.

“It’s such an honour to be presented with this award. But I don’t run Kollektiv for recognition, I do it because showcasing emerging artists is really important. That’s why Kollektiv is now planning its second pop up exhibition – because there is still so much great art out there that needs to be shown, and so many more members of the public who are yet to engage in local art.“

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